Tucker Mayor Signs Lifelong Community Resolution

On May 15, 2018, Tucker mayor Frank Auman and the Tucker City Council passed a resolution by Tucker Civic Association to adopt the lifelong community principles of promoting housing and transportation options, encouraging healthy lifestyles and expanding access to information and services.  Here is the text:




WHEREAS, the City of Tucker recognizes the importance of aging in place; and

WHEREAS, the City of Tucker also recognizes that over 16% of the population of Tucker is over 65 years of age, which is higher than the national average; and

WHEREAS, the City of Tucker’s infrastructure (sidewalks, roads, etc.), programs, organizations and access to goods and services has a definitive impact on an individual’s quality of life throughout their lifetimes; and

WHEREAS, the percentage of older adults in the community offers the City of Tucker the opportunity to address long standing challenges and to reimagine the way we live together; and

WHEREAS, residents of all ages require a wide range of housing options that are accessible, affordable, and close to services; and

WHEREAS, older adults may require mobility options to ensure that they can access basic service and remain independent; and

WHEREAS, access to basic and preventative healthcare and opportunities to engage in regular physical activity are essential to healthy living for residents of all ages; and

WHEREAS, residents must be educated and empowered to make the best choices and have access to resources that they and their families need; and

WHEREAS, Lifelong Communities are communities that provide a full range of options to residents, ensure a high quality of life for all, and are places where individuals can live throughout their lifetimes; and

BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Tucker hereby adopts as City policy its goal to transform the City of Tucker into a Lifelong Community by:

  • Promoting Housing and Transportation Options; and
  • Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles; and
  • Expanding Information and Access to Services.

SO ORDAINED AND EFFECTIVE, this 14th day of May, 2018.


Frank Auman, Mayor


Bonnie Warne, City Clerk