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UPDATE TCA Welcome Project
Donna Davis
Mon, Mar 14, 10:05 PM (3 days ago)
to Donna, guyvanort, kforster428, Mary, me, Lois, Honey, frank.sapp

Sonja and I spoke today by phone. Please note updates below.

Kathy has not received everyone’s edits for TCA brochure. PLEASE send your edits to her immediately.

Committee : Guy Van Ort, Honey Van de Kreke, Lois Ricci, Albert Still, Mary Still, Frank Sapp, Kathy Forster, Donna Davis

Name of Project: Tucker Welcomes You Home

Goals: Welcome new residents to Tucker. Invite/encourage new residents to be involved in their new community. Increase TCA membership.

Description: Welcome Bags delivered to approximately 25 homes each month. Contents and procedures to be somewhat minimal for initial time period. Upon review and evaluation of project, content and procedures may be expanded.

Supporters: TCA and City of Tucker (Sonja Szubski / Jennifer Downer-Citizen Responder)

Business Involvement: Coupons printed by each business to include whatever information/offer they choose.

Delivery of Bags: List of MLS home closings will be pulled each month by Guy and divided geographically by Districts. Current TCA members living in each district will be contacted by a TCA Board member by phone and asked to deliver the Welcome bags to the houses on the list in their district. TCA members will be required to complete an online video training prior to delivering. They must go in pairs and wear an ID Badge while delivering. Bags will be picked up at City Hall.

Action Items:

Honey – request from City of Tucker/DBA the list of 3600 Businesses in Tucker. List divided by categories (industry, retail, goods/services, restaurant etc) and include each business’ email address. Create content of an email to be sent out to businesses offering the opportunity for them to participate in Tucker Welcomes You Home. Contact TBA members.
UPDATE: TCA Board members will contact business as follows to request participation in Welcome Project:
Guy – Main Street businesses
Kathy – Queen Nails, Ace Hardware, Kaylee’s Candy, Grecian Gyro, Defy Atlanta
Mary & Albert – Tucker Animal Hospital, Blue Ribbon Grill
Lois – Tucker Meat Market
Donna – Magnolia Room

Frank – develop procedure to create the District delivery lists using MLS list from Guy and GoogleMaps etc

Albert – develop QR code. TCA website updates.

Lois – assist with content of TCA website updates.

Mary – develop a list of TCA members divided by Districts to be used in making phone calls to request their Welcome bag delivery assistance. Format TCA letter.

Kathy – develop training video and ID badges.

Donna/Guy – create TCA letter.
meet with Sonja/Jennifer to determine details of the tote bag and the items provided by the City and storage & pickup of bags at City Hall. Bags possibly to include: Letter from Mayor, How Government Runs, Historical Facts & Landmarks, InTucker magazine, Tucker Parks & Rec Activity Guide, TKR swag items, Letter from TCA President, TCA brochure, Our Town Dekalb magazine.
UPDATE: City now has the bags, car magnets, key chains, frig magnets with contact info, water bottles, t-shirts. All swag items will not go in each bag. Each bag will have approx equal value.
City will assemble bags and store them.
City plans to:
Announce on social media that City and TCA are working together on Welcome Project.
Create a “landing page” that residents will be directed to if they question “is this ligit”.
Create a welcome video.

It was explained to Sonja, and she agreed, that we will start slowly – ie no big announcement now, the first month or two TCA Board members will deliver the bags and work out the details. TCA and City will coordinate with each other on everything – so nothing goes out before the other takes a look at it. The City is ready to go. Sonja is waiting for us to give her the number of bags needed for the first delivery and provide the TCA letter, TCA brochure and Our Town Dekalb magazine, Up Close magazine.

Please ask any questions or make comments.
Donna Davis